At XGW we generally don’t give much space to fringe figures, but Stacy Harp is someone who might just end up as another Matt Barber one day, so we think it’s important to share this glimpse into her “heart and mind” for the record.

Harp and Joe Brummer have apparently had blog and email exchanges over the past couple of years and so they have a lot of history. This recording of a phone call from Harp to Brummer (recorded by the former and apparently authorized for open release) has Harp baiting Brummer into a conversation. In the process, Harp, who has claimed to be a Christian for as long as we have known about her, puts on a rather disturbing display.

Kudos to Joe for keeping his lunch down during this one.

Audio (via Kevin Kaatz): this is NOT work safe.

Alternate Link (easier to play)

Hat Tip: BTB

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