alanchambers.pngAfter XGW discovered information indicating that Exodus International is a member of the prominent religious conservative political organization, The Arlington Group (AG), we asked President Alan Chambers to respond on the record. He replied that Exodus was indeed a member, and they planned on maintaining that membership.

Co-founded by Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association, AG is an attempt to unify the efforts of religious conservative political groups. It is politics and policy in overdrive, and when you hear powerful religious conservatives speak in unison, it probably started in a huddle at AG.

Now the obvious question; how does this fit in with Chamber’s recent announcement that Exodus has “decided to back out of policy issues,” concerned that they “might be alienating people that simply wouldn’t call [them] for help because of the perception that [they] were becoming a partisan and political organization rather than a ministry for all”? If anything, this will guarantee just that – and it will be true.

XGW has tried to be reasonable about the difficulties surrounding such a major change. We understand, for instance, that one can’t always disassociate from a board member immediately, depending on the issues. There may be contracts to be fulfilled, etc. However, membership in a group like AG is not a gray area, and not only are they still members, but Chambers has says they will remain so.

This really is an intolerable situation if Chambers is to ever be believed in the future. We call on him as president of Exodus International to stand by his pledge and cancel Exodus’ membership in this purely partisan, political group.

Addendum: The Arlington Group website was taken off-line in early 2007. See comments below for more info.

Hat Tip: Emily for finding the membership info.

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