Edmund Smith of Real Love Ministry (RLM) Malaysia believes his homosexuality was caused by his mother, as he shared in the February edition of the Malaysian Women’s Weekly.

I am the fourth boy in my family. When Mum was pregnant with me, they had hoped that I would be a girl. Perhaps that’s why, until I was five, my mother brought me up like a girl. I played with dolls and was dressed in dresses.

When asked whether he would return to what he deemed as the “homosexual lifestyle,” he added:

My faith, and the fact that I’m married with children, helps me to stay straight. Similarly, it is easier for an ex-smoker to start smoking again if his immediate circle of friends consists of smokers. I don’t frequent joints where gays hang out, so I’m out of that lifestyle.

In a recently launched video, he re-iterated his past dislike of being a boy. The video also featured Mr. Smith’s youngest sister, Helga Smith, in which she expressed the shame of people calling her “the gay’s sister”. Smith’s account takes for granted the theory of homosexuality being caused by cross-dressing. Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, describes the same journey.

Edmund Smith lost much of his credibility as a pastor and ex-gay minister in the aftermath of the two-hour seminar ”Christian Perspectives on Homosexuality and Pastoral Care” on May 10th last year, when he delivered a meaningless and unprepared speech that was merely a testimonial of personal convictions. Smith went straight into ex-gay rhetoric without regard for the biblical and societal nature of the topic, rendering “gender confusion” as a cause of homosexuality, and “consuming Christ Jesus” as a cure.

He went on to describe homosexuals as “pro-gays” whose goal in life is sexuality, not Jesus, all the while failing to answer important questions from the audience, some in regards to the spirit of Christ’s law. His attempt to promote his latest DVD at the end of his speech drew comical laughter from the audience.

Smith’s first VMeet group gathering in January 2008 centered on labeling the LGBT community with improper definitions. Curiously, in the second VMeet gathering, he describes sexual orientation as “not a choice,” but sexual “lifestyle” as natural, forced or redeemed. Subsequently in the third VMeet, this month, he describes sexual orientation as changeable and modifiable. He lists these as the causes of homosexuality:

Trigger Issues (Primary causes)…

  • The Self Issue (Rejection of one’s own gender & looks)
  • The Vacuum Issue (A severe need to be loved & to love people of the same gender)
  • The Barrier Issue (An inability to look at people of the opposite gender as romantic/sexual partners)

Contributors (Secondary causes)…

  • Premature Sexual Orientation
  • Addiction (to sex)
  • Living in a pro-gay environment
  • Coming from a non-religious background
  • Lack of healthy heterosexual role models
  • Being close to pro-gay individuals
  • Belonging to one-gender school

It remains to be seen just how far RLM could go with their amateurish version of the ex-gay movement and continual outdated misrepresentations of homosexuals in Malaysia. RLM appeals to a country that is willing to listen to prejudice and seek simple solutions, but RLM is now beginning to struggle for attention and is losing authority in its sincere, but sadly dogmatic views on what true love is.

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