I founded the Ex-Gay Watch web site in 2002 to promote new voices in the social dialogue regarding so-called ex-gays.

After two years of writing 20 hours per week (or more) about ex-gay political activists, I began to run out of energy and time.

XGW could have ended right there, but two excellent writer/researchers — Daniel Gonzales and Timothy Kincaid — stepped in, rescued Ex-Gay Watch, and took the project to the next level. At a time before “Make it work!” became a popular catchphrase, that’s what Daniel and Timothy did — spectacularly.

XGW further evolved with the issues and changing times in 2007 when David Roberts took over as editor and recruited additional writers who were diverse in perspective and geography.

With the web site in capable hands, I’m ready to move on and pursue a more activist approach against efforts by ex-gay political activists to undermine equality, freedom of speech, religious freedom, and sexual honesty.

The specifics of that different approach will be announced in the near future. Meantime, Ex-Gay Watch has exciting plans of its own.

Best wishes to the writers and commenters of Ex-Gay Watch. As a certain hero of mine would say: “Carry on!”

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