Dr. Warren Throckmorton is alleging that the ties between Richard Cohen’s organization, International Healing Foundation (IHF), and the Unification Church may be alive and well, despite Cohen’s statements to the contrary.

A brief review [of the IHF website] finds professionals operating from within Latter Day Saint, Jewish, Christian and Unification Church traditions. The latter group, followers of Sun Myung Moon, is surprising since Cohen said he left that church behind in 1995. Curious, I asked Cohen recently by email if there were any UC connections to his organization, and he told me, to his knowledge, there were none. To the contrary, it appears that there has been for quite some time.

As Ex-Gay Watch recently reported, there is also some question about why a previously respected Christian publisher, InterVarsity Press, would publish Cohen’s latest edition of Gay Children, Straight Parents. Cohen’s unorthodox approach and bizarre public displays aside, Christians looking to IVP for reading material would not normally expect to find something written by an author allegedly close to the Unification Church — considered a cult by many Evangelicals and mainline Christians alike.

And for those who do not appreciate the issues of faith involved here, what does it say about Cohen if he is indeed misleading those who come to him for help in this way?

Update 10/4: Dr. Throckmorton has added to his original post, relaying that someone from IHF has disputed his allegations.  We encourage readers to review all of his post on this and come to your own conclusions based on the evidence.

Source: wthrockmorton.com

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