Mike Ensley, Exodus youth assistantExodus youth assistant Mike Ensley has responded on his personal blog to my protest of a comic strip that was published (in my opinion, sacrilegiously) within Bibles distributed by Tim Todd Ministries starting in 2005.

Ensley does not object, as I did, to the politically correct and sacrilegious alteration of holy Scripture. But he does seem to agree with me that the comic unnecessarily fuels partisan culture-war rhetoric and trivializes ex-gay struggle. Says Ensley:

I do take issue with this comic on a couple of things. First of all, the main characters’ conversation happens against a backdrop of amped-up extremism; we see hateful neo-nazis and militant gays exploding into a riot. While it’s true that Christians often feel torn between the polarized views on this issue, this portrayal is overblown.

Secondly, the story fails to note the distinction between struggling with temptation and falling into sin. The teen guy who confesses he thinks he “might be gay” is told he must repent and be forgiven of the sin of homosexuality, yet it’s never established that he’s actually done anything to act on his temptations. Nevertheless, the Christian in the comic tells him he must admit that he’s “guilty” in order to be forgiven. And I don’t like that she keeps referring to people as homosexuals and saying “the sin of homosexuality,” rather than specifying that the sin is in the chosen behavior.

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