Tim Todd Ministries has recently distributed 48,000 New Testaments — altered to conform to religious-right political correctness — to public-school students in the United States.

Tim Todd Ministries — Ex-Gay Bible ComicThese New Testaments come with numerous “powerful full-color comics” that (Todd claims) communicate the “absolute truth,” that are packed with “absolute truths regarding moral issues young people are faced with everyday.” Issues covered in the comics range from drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure to abortion, evolution, and rock music.

Unfortunately, none of these issues is mentioned in the Bible, and even if they were, the comics present them in the form of fictitious strawman arguments by imaginary liberal and conservative culture warriors.

There is a six-page full-color comic dedicated to homosexuality. What makes this comic interesting — apart from its presentation of imaginary violent gay activists and gay-bashers as “absolute truth” — is the way it is neatly wrapped up by the testimony of a fictitious ex-gay character, who says he left homosexuality 30 years ago. The comic concludes with an encouragement to teens needing “freedom from homosexuality” to contact Exodus International. A URL is provided for them to follow to Exodus.

The presentation of fiction and culture war to public-school youth as though they were literal Biblical truth should deeply disturb conservative evangelicals, and especially Biblical literalists.

Tim Todd Ministries’ program to insert politically contorted and exploited Bibles into public-school settings is endorsed not by true respecters of the Bible, but rather by leading partisan polemicists of our time: T.D. Jakes, Michael Reagan, and the late Jerry Falwell.

Unfortunately, Exodus’ political allies have demonstrated again that they are willing to commit sacrilege in order to give the “change is possible” mantra an implied Biblical imprimatur. Despite their claims to uphold the Bible, they violate Deuteronomy 12:32, Deuteronomy 4:2, and Revelation 22:18-19, which — according to conservative Christians — forbid additions and changes to Holy Scripture.

Why does Exodus silently tolerate modification and fictionalization of Christianity in its name? We call upon Exodus to publicly repudiate the hacking of Holy Scripture with fictitious materials and the trivialization of ex-gay struggle through culture-war comics.

Hat tip: XGW reader John and OneNewsNow.

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