Ex-gay Canadian Bill Whatcott is a fringe candidate for mayor and former prostitute who believes he is qualified to police the morals of Edmonton, Alberta, and Regina, Saskatchewan.

But if he listened to some potential allies at Exodus, he might reconsider both his candidacy and his warlike attitude toward same-sex-attracted persons.

You see… how shall we say this…. Whatcott’s moral concern is severely compromised by a preoccupation with the human excretory system. According to Whatcott (via the Winnipeg Sun):

Homosexuality is killing young men with diseases like anal warts, anal gonorrhoea and anal cancer — you’re not going to get that living the lifestyle of a Ukrainian. I don’t expect people to like me but I’ve got supporters, especially in church circles. If you don’t like me don’t vote for me.

Whatcott is sufficiently preoccupied with homosexuality — and authoritarian in his approach — that he has made it the centerpiece of his mayoral campaign in Edmonton. Here, allegedly, is the opening paragraph of his campaign platform:

As your mayor Bill Whatcott is committed to protecting Edmontonions from homofascism. Bill Whatcott loves children and he loves truth. He believes children have the God given right to have a mother and father and not have to be indoctrinated into embracing homosexuality by our public schools and media. […] Homosexuality is wrong and as your Mayor, Bill Whatcott is committed to denouncing homosexuality, warning young people about the consequences of indulging in the practice and calling on those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle to repentance, forgiveness and healing through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Whatcott admits to homosexual prostitution as a teenager, but claims to have repented and found God. The activist has since busied himself in political activities that include protesting against Regina’s Gay Pride parade by marching with a placard that read “Bear Bottomed Pitifuls are Celebrating buggery in Regina! God Help Us!” When quizzed about the violent treatment of gays at a Moscow parade this year, Whatcott recently wrote:

What was so brutal about the treatment homosexuals received when they wanted to impose their perversion on Russia? Actually most of the marchers weren’t even native to Russia. They were roughed up a little bit, had eggs thrown at them, were arrrested and sent back home (Holland, Germany, etc…) with their assless chaps covered. This is fine by me. As mayor I will offer a free vacation to Edmonton for any Russian Orthodox who wants to do likewise here….

His mayoral campaign literature features mostly-nude photos (via Pam Spaulding, NSFW) that have been digitally altered to depict the current mayor.

According to Wikipedia, Whatcott has traveled among Canadian cities, placing graphically explicit fliers in mailboxes and staging unauthorized and uncivil protests.

Whatcott’s methods of protest have drawn police attention. He has been arrested six times in Saskatchewan but never convicted of a crime. He has also been arrested once in the United States and 20 times in Ontario, and twice successfully prosecuted for violating security zones around abortion clinics. He was fined $17,500 (Canadian) in Saskatchewan for distributing hate literature, and is under investigation by Edmonton police for similar concerns. (Free speech is not constitutionally guaranteed in Canada.) In 2005, Whatcott’s nursing license was suspended for 45 days and he was fined $15,000 after he intimidated Planned Parenthood workers and patients, accusing them of being “murderers, abortionists and disseminators of AIDS.”

Homosexuality has little or nothing to do with excretory organs, abortion, or “lifestyle,” of course. And local officials, realizing this, have generally opted to let Whatcott’s campaign publicly foam at the mouth in order to expose “what a cowboy this guy really is.”

[Councillor Michael] Phair called Whatcott’s comments ‘distasteful’ and his campaign ‘amateur,’ as it fails to address any local issues such as infrastructure or transit. ‘And as a gay politician I can tell you voters don’t care about your sexual orientation. They care about paved roads, improved traffic flow and snow removal. And they don’t want someone who is intolerant.

Who da thunkit? Could it be? Whatcott — a politician who runs a campaign based on fear rather than the issues.

Whatcott is not affiliated with Exodus International. However, Wendy Gritter is. She is the Exodus regional representative for Canada and the executive director of New Direction for Life Ministries in Toronto. Gritter told Ex-Gay Watch:

It saddens me that an individual who identifies as a follower of Christ would fail to reflect the unconditional love of God for the world. There is no question in my mind that the heart of Christ is for the just and respectful treatment of all people — most especially by those who bear His name. The Christian community must engage those who hold divergent views with the love and kindness that is consistent with the good news of the Gospel.

I couldn’t agree more.

Hat tip: Towleroad

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