Homo NomoSince 2003, Peterson Toscano has put his quirky talent to use performing his original play, Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House–How I Survived the Ex-Gay Movement. He has used it to tell his own story of attempted change and thereby reflect those of many others. He and his play served as an early focal point to draw out many who had survived their own experience with the ex-gay movement – not just clients but leaders as well – and help give them a voice.

Peterson announced today that he will officially retire his play in February, 2008. While he will be offering a high quality DVD for sale at some point, those who are determined to see it live better make plans.

Thanks Peterson for all that queer, quirky, Quaker, vegan energy and talent you have shared with so many, and good luck with your new efforts which we hope will certainly include new plays.

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