In what continues to be a surprisingly visceral response to the recent testimonies of Ex-Gay Survivors, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) has placed an open letter to all such people on their MySpace page.

While you all claim in websites, protests, in organizations, or coalitions, to want to help people who are “trapped in the ex-gay movement,” you seem to be more concerned with sticking your nose in my business, and telling me the way you think I should live, along with who I am. You don’t know me, and you don’t know my needs and wants. While you go on and on with slogans like “I survived the ex-gay movement,” it’s actually the groups like you that make it harder for us to “survive” if anything. Thanks to you and your biased, inaccurate, and false claims, you’ve managed to help our existence fall below the radar. [Emphasis Added]

That last line sounds odd, but perhaps is telling of what this emotional response is about. As for the rest, indeed much of this letter, it could easily be reversed as a response to the nearly 10 years of activity by PFOX against GLBT people.

The only thing that your organizations tell me is that because of some bad experiences you all had in the past, you’ve decided to carry your bitterness over to people like me, and try to rub it in my face, along with everyone else who desires change. Your pain and hurt, along with your frustration is extremely evident, and I’m sorry you had some bad experiences, but again, please respect the fact that I along with several other people have changed our lives.

Again, the anger is extraordinary considering the rather docile, heartfelt testimonies made by those to whom this letter is written. Compare them to the “Diary of an Ex-Gay Man” post, which seems more like a contrivance of PFOX views than anything else. The reference to “several other people who have changed our lives” was refreshing, however.

Your attempts to get what you and you only want don’t scare me, nor do your lies and false accusations. If I want to change, that’s my business. Who are you to tell me who I am or how I should live? You know what? You’re no one. So get a life stay outta my business!

It’s one of the most significant surprises of the recent Ex-Gay Survivor activities — the intensity of the angry responses by ex-gays, far beyond any I have seen in response to the most aggressive protest. What do you suppose this means?

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