As reported by Dr. Warren Throckmorton, the self-proclaimed conversion therapist Richard Cohen has decided to stop counseling. According to Cohen’s website:

Richard Cohen has always practiced within the legal requirements of the state. Recently, he retired from counseling to focus on public speaking and training other professionals. His passion is to spread the word that no one is born with same-sex attraction (SSA), no one chooses to have SSA, and that people can choose to change and come out straight. He devotes much of his time to training therapists, coaches, clergy and ministry leaders about the process of sexual reorientation.

Cohen is not a licensed therapist. We were told by the licensing agencies in Maryland that the term “psychotherapist” was essentially meaningless. According to them, one can hang a sign out in that state claiming to do psychotherapy and be completely within the law as long as one does not diagnose and treat from the DSM. As noted above, however, Cohen is spreading his odd techniques via others by training them, presumably for a fee.

Cohen lost much of his remaining support after appearing on an episode of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Before that he had been associated with PFOX and NARTH. Both organizations dropped any mention of him, without explanation or fanfare, a few weeks after the show aired.

There is a new video on Youtube promoting Cohen’s work. Stay tuned to find out if a line of bioenergetics tennis racquets are on the horizon.

Update: It appears that PFOX is backsliding a bit, again displaying a couple of references to Cohen, including this rather bizarre article of his which attempts to describe all the reasons that Rosie O’Donnell is gay.

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