Source: Peterson Toscano’s A Musing

No one has perfect parents, and parents and their adult children need to talk about past hurts and family issues, but often without any trained counselors, after only a few days of group therapy, ex-gay program leaders have pushed parents and their sons and daughters into conflict and crisis. The “therapy” sessions have caused a deep rift in the relationships and have wounded the parents. The parents left feeling confused, condemned and brokenhearted.

In his recent post, Peterson Toscano discusses the often devastating effects ex-gay programs can have on the parents of the participants. So often these programs present a rigid theory of causation (ala Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and others) which places the parents own personality or behavior at the center of their child’s homosexuality.

Here is part of an account told later by Toscano’s younger sister about a time when their parents came home from a meeting at Love In Action:

…our parents returned home from the Family and Friends Weekend, they were devastated. They didn’t eat right or look right. They acted sad and depressed. This went on for weeks. My sister felt so concerned that she actually called Love in Action and asked, “What did you do to my parents?!” She felt frustrated by the lack of concern or comprehension she encountered from the staff.

You can read the entire post here.

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