Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International said:

In Philadelphia, eleven Christians were jailed for sharing a message from the Bible to a crowd of people attending a public pro-gay event.

Was this “sharing a message from the Bible” Alan? Or was it an attempt to disrupt a licensed, lawful event until someone was arrested and a spectacle could be made?

For the record, this is the incident described here by the two “grandmothers” from Repent America. Watch their video and compare it to the actual record above and see if you detect any dishonesty in their depiction of events.

A video of an earlier point in the event shows that the OutFest participants were perfectly willing to tolerate the signs and taunting of the “Eleven.” But the self proclaimed street preachers were not content with this, and pushed their way into the event until it was disrupted and law enforcement had no choice but to remove them.

Michael Marcavage and those he sponsors are not new to Philadelphia law enforcement. He seems to know just how far he can push to get arrested, but not so far that this country’s formidable First Amendment rights will not gain his release – local hate crime laws and all.

Yet most every time that Alan Chambers mentions hate crime laws, he uses this as the sole US example of the horrible stifling of Christian witness that adding sexual orientation would bring down on us all.

Religious beliefs have been covered under those laws since the late 1960’s, and I don’t see any limits on speech against this or that faith. Neo-Nazis certainly have their say against African Americans and Jewish citizens, though I don’t believe they are allowed to physically interject themselves into another lawful event such as the Eleven did above.

It doesn’t add up Alan.

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