The national leadership of ex-gay umbrella network Exodus International promises and fails to deliver heterosexual attraction to its Christian followers, even as it uses those followers in various campaigns of antigay political warfare.

While Exodus’ national leaders focus on partisan politics and misdiagnosis of sexual struggle, other organizations focus more on helping same-sex-attracted persons live according to their Christian values.

One such organization:, a support group for celibate same-sex-attracted Christians as well as for Christians who believe that God calls them to monogamous same-sex marriage.

From GCN’s frequently asked questions:

Are you sexually abstinent?

Not all gay Christians have the same answer to this question. Some gay Christians believe that God does not want them to be sexually active, so they choose to be celibate. Many others choose to date and marry just like straight Christians, with the only difference being the gender of the person.

This site is designed to be a haven for all gay Christians, whichever view they take. However, as Christians, we do believe that sex should be taken seriously, and we don’t support the promiscuity and sexual looseness that are often a part of the secular world.

Whether celibate or monogamous, GCN’s participants do not buy into ex-gay identity politics of groups like Exodus:

Is this an ex-gay site?

No. This site is designed to be a safe haven and place of fellowship for Christians who identify as gay. Membership is open to anyone, however, as long as they are willing to help us maintain that atmosphere.

For British Christians, there’s a similar organization which left Exodus for the reasons stated above: Courage UK.

If you know of organizations that help same-sex-attracted persons balance faith and sexuality without politically exploiting them or steering them toward predetermined outcomes, please feel free to discuss them here.

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