When I founded Ex-Gay Watch in 2002, it was a personal experiment — one of the few web sites to document the “ex-gay” political movement’s growing lust for power over others, its financial and logistical support from wealthy and politically influential religious extremists, and the abdication of its former role as a support system for sexual strugglers.

At the time, the “blogroll” — a list of unaffiliated web sites that remains located in the right margin of the front page under the heading “What We Read” — linked to my own favorite web sites. A few of those sites were by or about ex-gays, but many of were mainstream Christian and Jewish web sites that discuss matters of faith intelligently, challenge the immorality of the political religious right, or criticize mass media organizations (for which I once worked) because they favor the views of egotistical religious extremists over civil and mainstream expressions of faith and values.

In recent years, XGW has become a group effort, not my own personal effort. Meanwhile, web sites which either advocate or monitor ex-gay ideologies and the increasingly corrupt religious right have multiplied. We have found that it’s not possible, or at least not practical, for us to cover the ex-gay movement effectively while also addressing the political religious right’s other daily sins against sexual minorities.

In the interest of narrowing our focus, we’re redesigning Ex-Gay Watch. Various design changes are coming in the next couple months, but the first obvious change is in our blogroll: We have removed web sites that do not obviously cover ex-gay issues on a regular basis.

If your favorite web site is no longer linked, please don’t interpret its absence as a disapproval or rejection; we simply seek to hone the focus of this web site. If, on the other hand, a web site is missing and it intelligently and fairly addresses ex-gay issues on a regular basis, please let us know and we’ll consider linking to it. And if you happen to see well-written articles about ex-gays on web sites that don’t cover ex-gays frequently, please let us know about those articles, too.

We appreciate your support and your involvement in our efforts.

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