If one reads the news coverage following pretty much any Love Won Out conference it quickly becomes obvious they are attended primarily by family, friends and clergy rather than actual ex-gays or gays. As I’ve stood at the driveways to churches where Love Won Out is hosted I’ve seen too many cars pass by with children in the back seat, looks of sheer fear and dread on their faces, their parents unable to reconcile their faith with their child’s sexuality. At Love Won Out Atlanta one such gay son stood outside with us while his mother attended the conference. An article about Love In Action (Exodus’ largest and oldest conversion ministry) in the current anti-gay AFA Journal makes it perfectly clear Love Won Out’s goal is to affect gay youth:

“I go to every Love Won Out conference,” [John] Smid [director of Love In Action] said, “and 60% of those who attend are parents. It’s primarily a ministry to parents, that’s their goal.” He said parents want to know how to build a respectful relationship with their children, which is necessary before they can help their children escape the tentacles of a homosexual lifestyle.

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