Kyra Phillips host of CNN Newsroom, today interviewed moderate evangelical author Tony Campolo on the Rev. Ted Haggard’s upcoming “restoration.” Here’s a transcript:

CAMPOLO: [Haggard has] said all the right things up to this point. The real question is, when he does get counsel, when he does enter into this restoration process, will he be forthcoming and honest about everything? Will he just say, I have a little problem on the side? Or will he begin to face the fact that maybe I have a sexual orientation that does not offer an easy fix. And if he does turn out to be homosexual in his orientation, he’s going to have to live with that orientation and figure out what this means for the rest of his life, because there’s not an easy fix for that. And to suggest that a few prayers and a few spiritual things, some scripture reading, is going to solve the problem, it won’t. That’s a good beginning. But — and with God’s help, he can go beyond that. But I have to tell you, you do have to go beyond just a spiritual experience in the process of restoration.

Hmm… “he’s going to have to live with that orientation,” it’ll be interesting to see if other talk about “restoration” from evangelicals is this realistic. Oh but then there’s the matter of Mormon ex-gay ministry leader David Pruden who told a Utah TV station:

Absolutely, one can change one’s sexual identity,” says David Prudenm [sic] executive director of Evergreen International, a group founded to help members of the LDS Church deal with issues of same-sex attraction.

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