There are many things that have happened within the past year for which I am grateful. I have met wonderful people, some I spend time with and some I only know online, but all of whom I delight in knowing. I have added activities to my life (a bowling league – yeah, I know, don’t laugh) and removed others (better left unidentified). Some things were new: I went skiing for the first time in a decade or so and met a friend who has become very close; and some things were recurring: my church, my family, close friends.

But the one thing for which I am most thankful this past year has been my ability to participate at this site.

When I was raised my family had some particularly strict methods for raising children. Television was treated as suspect and was presumed to be an evil influence. I read. A lot. And while other children had dreams of being a moviestar, I dreamed of being a writer. Somehow I ended up as an accountant instead. And though there’s no reason I could not have pursued my dream, I never took the time to start.

I am very appreciative of Mike Airhart and the others here at Ex-Gay Watch for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill this dream. I’m humbled by their willingness to let me put my thoughts into words and publish them to the world. And I am ever so grateful to you, our readers, who have generously given of your time to come here and read and respond – sometimes in agreement, sometimes not, but usually with thoughtfully care and perspective. We truly have the best readers and commenters that I’ve seen anywhere on the web. Thank you.

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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