After I was initially creeped out by camp spokesman cum organizer “Justin Lookadoo” I quickly noticed Exodus has their hands all over this series of youth summer camps across the southeast. Exodus leaders Alan Chambers and Scott Davis are two of the four speakers listed on the camp’s website. Davis’ bio makes Exodus’ intentions pretty clear:

Scott’s goal is to encourage the evangelical church to reach out to youth grappling with their sexual identity with God’s radical grace and unswerving truth. He educates and trains college and youth leaders on this issue and currently oversees the Groundswell Conference — nationwide training seminars that equip community leaders with a powerful, redemptive response to the growing crisis of pro-gay initiatives in America’s schools.

Chambers also provides a testimonial for Ignite Student Outreach, the organization running the camps, here.

(Via Wayne and Pam)

Update: An astute reader brought my attention to the camp’s “affiliates” page which had a single listing, Exodus Youth.

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