NARTH, PFOX, the CWA — these folk all find the Boy Scouts among their issues.

Well, the San Diego chapter of Scouting For All held its annual rally Sunday. One of the main reason’s for the Rally is that the Boy Scout’s Camp Balboa is on City of San Diego parkland (Balboa Park) — The Boy Scouts use public land while discriminating against LGBT and non-thiest youth, parents, and leaders. Stories on the Boy Scouts continuing in a presence in Camp Balboa are here and here.

Protesters — like me — object to an organization that discriminates against LGBT and non-theist children/parents/leaders receiving a taxpayer subsidized lease on city land. The lease is for $1 a year.

On a personal level why — my oldest son is an Eagle Scout. If his Boy Scout Troop had known I was transgender…well, y’all can do the math on what might have happened. And, at Sunday’s Scouting for All Rally my very good friend Brenda Watson turned in her Eagle Badge. An Egale Scout named “Brenda?” you might say? Well, she’s a transgender Eagle Scout. Several local television stations covered her turning in her badge (including here — one has to turn off one’s Norton Anti-spam/Ad Blocking to view it). Brenda isn’t (as well as other LGBT and non-theist people aren’t) welcome in the Boy Scouts.

XGW has posted a number of comments relating to the Boy Scouts — here and here are two of them.

On the other side of the issue of LGBT/non-theists and the Boy Scouts, in an argument by scenario, Deroy Murdock ties together people that oppose Boy Scouts’ subsidized lease with support for NAMBLA. (Tying together LGBT people with pedophiles/pederasts has been a familiar sounding theme since long before the Foley Scandal broke.)

The CWA has comments here and here. Excerpt from the first piece :

There is probably a psychological distinction between true pedophilia (sexual attraction to prepubescent boys) and homosexuality. However, the molestation cases in which scouts (and some Catholic clergy) have been involved are really homosexual. The age of puberty is falling, and most boys involved in Scouts are sexually mature physically but not emotionally. Many 15-year-olds are 6-foot-2, have deep voices, and look like they could be twenty. Even if a homosexual scoutmaster were well intentioned, the constant association with boys would be a temptation for him.

One can read what NARTH has posted on their website about LGBT people and The Boy Scouts here and here. In More NARTH Notes (third story on the webpage) it’s noted that NARTH submitted a brief to the Supreme Court in the significant Boy Scouts of America v. Dale.

PFOX has comments with Boy Scouts mentioned here and here.

Exodus International mentions the Boy Scouts on their website here and here.

When it comes to the Boy Scouts, LGBT people, and ex-gay apologists, it doesn’t seem like the issues should be so related. And yet, the issues seem to be mighty related — Heck, Exodus International (via Nancy Brown) included within the list of what is part of the homosexual agenda (as outlined in the 1993 Gay Pride March on Washington Demands) as “An end to discrimination based on sexual orientation in all programs of the Boy Scouts.”

Related issues or not, if the Boy Scouts’ Camp Balboa is still on City of San Diego parkland this time next year, I’ll be back protesting. It bothers me that the children of LGBT and non-theist parents aren’t welcome in the Boy Scouts, and it bothers me that my tax dollars subsidize that discrimination.

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