Created by Dan Rickard, this appears to be a sincere and heartfelt presentation of one young man’s experience with anti-gay shame imposed by both family and society, and his experience with the answers offered him by Exodus International.  In his own words:

This is a movie that I did for my sociology class project on my time spent in an ex-gay group called Exodus International.

Call it an homage to what societal influences do to a young mind.

The message here is more complicated than may first appear.  It illustrates many of the issues we often discuss here, but with a sadness and desparation that doesn’t always come through in debate. It has a somewhat eerie tone, as though one is viewing the scene of a crime or other tragedy.  It may seem a tad long compared to other clips, but at less than 8 minutes I think it’s worth the time.

After watching, share what you think.

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