Stephen Bennett of Stephen Bennett Ministries is available for comment on the Foley scandal. From the “Foley, Molestation and Homosexuality — Expert Available for Comment” media release:

…”Former Rep. Foley’s story is so tragically typical – the molested can become the molester. Yes, there are those who can deal with the trauma and make it through. However, we have to stop worrying about being ‘politically correct’ in the media regarding homosexuality and finally deal with the truths and facts that homosexual molestation (and heterosexual) of children can and does produce future homosexual men and women. It robs children of their childhood and in many cases, destroys their lives. I’ve personally dealt with so many homosexual individuals whose lives have been ruined because of childhood molestation – but the great news is they don’t have to be ‘by-products’ or victims of their childhood. These individuals can be ‘victors’ and not ‘victims.’ Change IS completely possible. For former Rep. Foley and so many others, there is help — and there is HOPE.”

Stephen is available to provide expert commentary on the Foley story in regard to homosexual molestation, as well as former NJ Governor McGreevey and share many other true accounts – even the story of a man molested who was jailed for molesting little boys, and hanged himself. He could no longer control his desires to molest boys and instead took his own life.

“No comment” from me (as any comment I would make would seem too obvious a rejoinder), so let me call this a “Foley scandal: Formerly Gay Identified People Speak” entry.


No, I can’t go without commenting. Yesterday on MSNBC, I saw Pat Buchannan parrot Peter LaBarbera’s comments. Today I see Stephen Bennet’s comments, and wonder who might parrot whatever he says.

Mike Airhart, in a responding yesterday to the comment by LaBarbera, asked the question (here) “Did LaBarbera offer any stats or sources to substantiate his opinion, or did he just vent uninformed animosities?”

I think the question also applies to Stephen Bennett who, in my opinion, just spouts uninformed opinion as fact. As a transwoman, Bennett’s apparent belief that gender expression is divinely created with absolutist standards seems a particularly unlettered opinion, and that he’s previously identified himself as an expert on HIV/AIDS when he just cherry-picks statistics … I could go on.

It’s that he frequently describes himself an “expert” when he seems to frequently use Argument By Selective Observation (again, here) and Scenario (as in the story about the prison suicide in this latest press release, vice citing specific statistics on suicides, and then tying it to the Foley scandal)…well, I find it irritating that there will be some news organizations that may regurgitate his opinions as “expert” opinions.

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