Nine years ago, I co-founded the Men’s Rape Prevention Project (archive link), the predecessor organization to Men Can Stop Rape.

MCSR assists high schools and fraternities in forming curricula to discourage men from committing or tolerating sexual abuse in their own lives and among their peers.

Earlier this year, Men Can Stop Rape launched a blog called Masculinities in Media. The blog examines the role of the news and entertainment media in promoting unhealthy stereotypes of masculinity and violent male behavior.

There haven’t been any blog posts since August — I assume MCSR is busy with more immediate real-world concerns. But given the religious right’s role in politicizing the Mark Foley scandal and in squelching discussion of recent heterosexual rape/murders among religious conservatives, the need for the blog seems obvious to me.

Perhaps some supportive words from potential readers or donors to MCSR might encourage new posts.

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