Google News lists numerous stories this morning about yesterday’s antigay conference hosted by Focus on the Family and Exodus near Palm Springs, Calif.

The most thorough coverage is from The Desert Sun, which published numerous articles and updates about the event. One of the articles quotes Timothy Kincaid of Ex-Gay Watch, who attended a morning vigil as conference attendees arrived:

“I don’t object to having a religious belief,” said Timothy Kincaid of Los Angeles, who protested the event. “What I object to is when you come in and you don’t tell the truth.”

Kincaid said the message of love at the conference is undermined by the Focus on the Family suggestion that people cannot simultaneously be gay and effective Christians.

“That message is so detrimental,” Kincaid said during a telephone interview after the protest. “It pries the gay community away from God.”

(Kincaid is also interviewed at the end of this video recorded by The Desert Sun.)

The same Desert Sun article quotes Focus on the Family official Bill Maier (pictured here and here) lobbying conferees to legislate against gay marriage.

The newspaper also published three photo galleries:

Among the pictures are two photographs of friends of Ex-Gay Watch holding this web site’s large white signs at a morning vigil outside Love Won Out. A third photograph shows Daniel Gonzales of Ex-Gay Watch being interviewed by the media.

We will be looking for coverage from other Los Angeles media later today, and we plan to have a first-hand report by Monday.

Update: The Desert Sun and the Press-Enterprise in Riverside appear to be the only LA mainstream news media to have provided online coverage of the conference.

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