The Unity Rally is a response by pro-tolerance religious and secular organizations to the antigay “Love Won Out” roadshow being hosted by Focus on the Family in Palm Springs, Calif., this weekend.

There is an error on the rally’s home page:

Love Won Out is inaccurately identified as the “same group” that published NARTH’s recent article that blamed Africa for slavery and asserted that white slavery civilized Africa and offered benefits to society. Here’s the clip from the rally web site:

Love Won Out, a Focus on the Family-sponsored group, will hold a conference on Saturday, September 23, in Indian Wells to encourage parents of gay children, or those who believe their children might be gay, to send their children to “gay conversion therapy” camps and programs. This is the same group that published an article suggesting that slavery has been historically misunderstood and that it was actually a good thing… for the slaves!

It might have been more accurate to say that NARTH executive director Joseph Nicolosi is a regular keynote speaker at Love Won Out, and therefore, by hosting and spotlighting NARTH, the Love Won Out event is complicit in the NARTH organization’s unapologetic racism.

We pointed this out to the Rally web staff, but they seem to have had some difficulty in publishing a clarification.

XGW is not a sponsoring organization for the rally, though some authors are in attendance.

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