Guy Adams recently spoke with Stacy L. Harp on her podcast, The Right View.  Incredibly, during the interview he claimed that the new trend among gays is to have sex with infants!  He offered no source for this preposterous, disgusting claim and Mrs. Harp did not inquire further.  The entire interview was littered with a generous dose of half-truths and baseless claims.  The following examples are from

  • Gays have sex with infants (He says its “The New trend”)
  • Gays have sex with animals (yuck)
  • Gay relationships only last about a year and 1/2 (and that came from what study? cause every gay couple I am friends with has been together at least 8 years or more)
  • Gays have 200 to 300 partners in their lifetime (really? Where do they find time to do drugs, take over the schools and destroy marriage? Wow, they are busy)
  • Gays have made no contribution to society (except AIDS) (Elton John is crushed)
  • He says Dr. John Diggs in the foremost medical authority on AIDS. (not true its Ken Meyer from Boston, Diggs is a quack refuted in detail)
  • Quote: “There are not alot of really good gays”
  • Says we are working towards hate speech laws (first amendment 101 anyone?)

Some of this is standard rhetoric but the statement about sex with infants places Guy Adams, and due to her glib acceptance of it Stacy Harp, in the role of a true hate monger.  There is no redeeming that comment, and only God knows what can be done to salvage these messengers of hate and bigotry.

As nauseating as it is, I encourage you listen to the entire clip.  Like a cross burning or being asked to ride in the back of the bus, some things must be experienced to punctuate the reality of what we are facing, to steel our resolve.

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