Michael A. Campion gets to make decisions as to whether applicants are psychologically fit to be police officers at a number of departments in Illinois. But is Campion psychologically capable of treating gay applicants fairly?

In an article that Campion appears to have co-written in 1977, the following opinions are expressed:

A choice is required. We believe a man or woman is not born a total homosexual nor is he born as a bisexual with a heterosexual and homosexual orientation being natural to him. But rather, he is born with a total heterosexual orientation and chooses to indulge in homosexual behavior.

There appears to be little support for a genetic or hormonal cause of homosexuality in the Scriptures, which teach that the homosexual is responsible for his behavior.

The third basic factor is the fact that homosexuality satisfies man’s basic nature of selfishness.

Homosexuality’s alleged “incurability” or “constitutionality” as espoused by some in our society today is supported by neither Scripture nor solid medical evidence. It is time that the homosexual is told that he has chosen this lifestyle and that he is responsible for it.

There are certain environmental factors during childhood which may predispose a person toward a homosexual orientation. However, a person can become aware of these factors and being aware of them, can then choose an alternative course of behavior. Man is not determined to the extent that be has no will * Homosexuals have chosen their behavior. This again points out that the individual is responsible and that homosexuality is not a condition but rather a conduct.

Since our society will not, it is important that the church take an intelligent stand against the flaunting of homosexuality in our present-day society.

and, of course, the ex-gay mantra

We have known many who practice homosexual behavior who feel they are “caught” or that this is “the way they were made”. Freedom lies in the fact that they are not made this way, but rather that through help, this “habit” may be overcome.

1977 was a long time ago and opinions change. But as recently as three years ago, Campion was a board member of the virulently anti-gay Illinois Family Institute. Campion hides his anti-gay credentials, and dismisses his IFI connections as irrelevant to his work

The psychologist bristles at questions about why he doesn’t reference IFI on his CV or on his firm’s Web site (www.campionbarrow.com). He says he omitted it for the same reason he didn’t mention that he enjoys fishing, swimming, and sailing — it’s irrelevant to his work.

“Municipalities hire me because of my qualifications and my expertise, not because of what party I vote for,” he says.

But I know that I would not want Campion evaluating me for anything. His attitudes are very relevant. And it is not only gay people who are questioning his objectivity. Minneapolis has put Campion on leave after his activism at IFI was brought to their attention

Members of the Police Community Relations Council had concerns about this group and had heard complaints from several people who weren’t hired to be Minneapolis police officers after they were deemed “unqualified” by Campion’s psychological tests, said council cochairman Clyde Bellecourt. During a meeting with council members last week, Campion made statements about single parents and race that disturbed them, said council member Ron Edwards.

Naturally, the IFI jumped to Campion’s cause

“I have known Mike Campion for years, and he is a man of great Christian integrity and character,” said Peter LaBarbera, IFI’s policy & media advisor. “Mike is a fair and decent man, respected by his peers, who honors the ethical standards of his profession. Now he is being smeared by pro-homosexual activists. The message is growing across our nation: Christians are the only group that can be discriminated against — especially if they live out their faith in the public square.”

LaBarbera is not someone I would want as a character reference.

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