The Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists has a new film project underway about reparative therapy: Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement.

Abomination focuses on four individuals for whom reparative or other ex-gay treatments have been unsuccessful: Nita, in rural Mississippi, who spent twenty years attempting to suppress her lesbian feelings; Dave, in New York City, who found the ex-gay community supportive but the “treatment” to be ultimately ineffective; Randy, an Arkansas minister who describes his difficult personal journey integrating a gay identity and religious life; and the tragic outcome for Mary Lou, an Arkansas mother estranged, on religious grounds, from her lesbian daughter.

Abomination also features prominent psychiatrist, Robert Spitzer, MD, who cuts through the media sensationalism and explains what his controversial research on reparative therapy actually means. It further features mental health experts who have studied and written about the ex-gay movement’s treatment failures, including: psychiatrists, Jack Drescher, MD, and David Scasta, MD and psychologist, Ariel Shidlo, PhD, as well as, the American Psychiatric Association’s James Scully, MD, and Annelle Primm, MD, explaining why mainstream, professional mental health organizations remain concerned about the harm caused by reparative therapies; the American Psychological Association’s Clinton Anderson, outlining the stance that mainstream mental health organizations have taken on homosexuality; and author, Wayne Besen, sharing his investigative findings of the ex-gay movement’s most prominent and sensational failures.

The AGLP is accepting contributions to assist in the production cost.

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