Exgay activist Tim Wilkins held a one-day conference titled “More Than Words” in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 8. He plans another one August 12 in Raleigh, N.C.

The theme of his lecture tour is that antihomosexual Christians should not waste much time in a fruitless effort to “talk” a gay person out of his or her homosexuality. Instead, they should “walk” the person out of it.

Does Wilkins mean that actions speak louder than words — a noble sentiment — or does he fear that antigay individuals will lose an argument based on actual facts with their gay family member or friend?

Whatever. Ironically, Wilkins’ no-talk theme does not stop him from talking up the imagined existence of “gay theology” — a strawman that Wilkins ridicules as though he were refuting the actual beliefs of diverse gay people, for whom sexual orientation plays a insignificant role in spirituality.

Is Wilkins projecting his own personal conflation of sexuality, ideology, and spirituality onto other people? How do his audiences feel about their gay family members and friends being reduced to cookie-cutter stereotypes? And where in his publicity is there an acknowledgment that his own audience members may diverge greatly in theology?

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