Focus on the Family’s ex-gay roadshow, Love Won Out, has presented Dr. Nancy Heche (doctorate in pastoral counseling) as an authority on sexual orientation issues. Heche claims to represent “truth and love” in her approach.

Heche’s claim to authority is based on her husband’s closeted life and the very public relationship that her estranged daughter (actress Anne Heche) had with Ellen DeGeneres. She purports that this has given her a “compassionate and unique focus”. Although she presents herself as though she offers help to families, she is also available to campaign against laws that would protect people from discrimination in employment, housing, education, public accommodations and credit.

It appears that Nancy has a new book coming out in which she clarifies exactly what kind of “love” and “compassion” she brings to the discussion. A rather unreliable source (the National Enquirer via reveals the way in which Nancy views gay people.

Anne’s newfound lesbian love affair is like a betrayal of an unspoken vow: WE will never have anything to do with homosexuals.

If this report is accurate, it demonstrates that Nancy, like others in the ex-gay movement, though claiming to love gay people actually hold gay people in contept. The “love and compassion” they bring is as false as their claims of success.

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