Last month when I wrote about the death of HIV+ Exodus board member Michael Lumberger, the post generated a great deal of comments and discussion. However I left for two weeks of vacation after uploading my post so I wasn’t able to participate in the discussion. Over the last month I realized this is a complex issue and my original post did not fully explore it fully. My addendum elaborates on the following:

-Why Lumberger’s testimony is so offensive to many gay people.

-Why the words of a man who passed away in 2004 are still relevant and demand examination.

-An examination of Lumberger’s choice of words and their possible as well as suggested meaning.

-The total lack of factual substantiation of Lumberger’s claims by both Lumberger and Exodus.

And once again, with that I’m off to San Diego pride for the weekend. If you wish to comment, do so at the amended post.

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