The GOP governors just aren’t living up to the Hate the Gays promise that the right wing has in mind.

First, Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. dumped a Metro representative that was calling gays deviants. And then he had the gall to appoint an openly gay judge. Oh, the tragedy.

And now there’s California.

Randy Thomasson, director of Campaign for California Families, is all in a tizzy because California GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is headlining a fund raising dinner for Log Cabin Republicans, an organization for gay and lesbian Republicans and their friends.

A few choice pieces of Thomasson’s invective:

On June 29, Schwarzenegger will take photos with transsexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals for $5,000 a pop. Overall, Schwarzenegger’s goal is to help raise $300,000 for the “Log Cabin” Republicans so they can transform the California Republican Party into the party that supports homosexual “marriage” and the entire transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual legislative agenda.

Some who participate here will be amused to see that transsexuals now lead the agenda. Who would have thunk it?

And, of course, “Log Cabin” is in quotes because they aren’t really Log Cabin, they just call themselves that.

The Hollywood event is cosponsored by Equality California, the sponsor of every piece of transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual legislation at the State Capitol. Equality California attacks the institutions of marriage and parenthood, the Boy Scouts, religious freedom, and private property, at every opportunity.

Private property, you ask?

Well of course. Every good anti-gay activist knows that gays (especially those who go to Republican fundraisers) oppose the ownership of private property. Yikes!!

You should be very concerned that Arnold Schwarzenegger is teaming up with homosexual activists. In essence, he is spitting on the pro-family Republican Party platform.

I’ll be going to the dinner with the Governor on Thursday and I’ll be sure to report back if he spits on any platforms or abolishes private property rights.

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