AgapePress reports that the ex-gay movement will be trying to influence the NEA at their upcoming conference. Something called the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus will be presenting Janet Boynes, ex-lesbian, at a display booth to promote her ministry.

The former lesbian, now a born-again believer, strongly refutes claims that homosexuals cannot change. “Is it easy to come out of homosexuality? No, it’s not,” she acknowledges. “You hear a lot of people say, ‘I prayed to God. I prayed to God, and I just couldn’t come out.’ Well, you know what? It’s not easy to come out, but God can’t do it alone. You have to make some steps.”

Boynes’ own path out of homosexuality involved at one point moving in with a Christian family. “Everybody can’t do that,” she says, “but now I surround myself with healthy people.” Other homosexuals seeking freedom must take the steps Christ leads them to take; but she insists that even those who claim to have prayerfully tried but given up “can come out if they want. They just choose not to.”

But what does that mean? Does Miss Boynes mean that someone can leave a “homosexual lifestyle” or does she mean they can cease being attracted to the same sex? She doesn’t say. But if we look at her testimony on her website we have to assume that she is talking about a “homosexual lifestyle”. Boynes discusses a change in her surroundings and a wish for a husband some day but makes no mention of a change in her own orientation.

And in that context her words make no sense. Maybe there is someone out there who prayed to leave a homosexuality – as a “lifestyle” – but I’ve never met them. I have however met many people that begged God to change their orientation.

Miss Boynes may be a nice woman, but her message is cruel. She made it clear that if you don’t “come out of homosexuality”, it’s your fault. You didn’t take the right steps. You just chose not to come out.

And while this sort of language plays well to those who seek justification for their mistreatment of gay people, this does amazing damage to those who struggle with their same-sex attractions and may not have seen change. Boynes’ message to many – including some who participate on this site – is that if you don’t find yourself “changing”, blame yourself. And we can only believe this means that any actions taken against you by the anti-gay activist, you deserve.

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