Exodus board member Phil Burress wants drugstore condoms locked away to discourage their purchase.

Focus on the Family disapproves of condoms as a fallback when abstinence fails.

Exgay activist Stephen Bennett opposes both condoms and potential prophylactic drugs to prevent HIV infection.

Antigay activist Peter LaBarbera and the antigay Constitution Party of Illinois dictate that clinics that make condoms available should be forcibly closed — and their workers jailed.

The American Family Association’s AgapePress and the AFA’s Michigan affiliate oppose fund-raising for medical treatments and potential cures for HIV/AIDS.

All these folks have something in common with a New York sex party that, according to The Washington Blade, is scheduled for this weekend:

They oppose making sex safer and they oppose disease prevention.

While no one on the political religious right seems willing to promote responsible behavior, thankfully there are gay activists such as Tokes Osubu, Keith Boykin and Phill Wilson who have been outspoken in condemning the sex party’s no-condom policy.

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