When I originally wrote this post, I assumed that Jesus Loves Everything was a hate site — hate gays, hate China, hate freedom for anyone deemed insufficiently holier-than-thou.

But then Jody at Naked Writing pointed out to me that some of the site’s articles are a bit over-the-top — not outlandish enough to be funny, in my opinion, but edgy enough to generate unease among readers.

Does the site’s content reflect good parody, unfunny comedy, or serious hatred? And if it’s hatred, then hatred of what — fundamentalists or non-fundamentalists? You decide. Here’s what I originally said about JLE…

Jesus may love everything, but the blog Jesus Loves Everything hates same-sex-attracted persons, and he believes so-called Christians should subject strugglers “at every step” to “at least some hint of suffering and pain,” including forcing gay Americans to walk the streets in shame — presumably in chains.

Children need to know: become gay and face the wrath of God. And this message needs to be backed up with spanking, with summers at Jesus camp, with mandatory prayer and Bible readings. At every step, their must be at least some hint of the suffering and pain that will follow should a child choose a life of sin. It would be especially helpful if the people that chose the gay life-style were publicly humiliated and forced to walk the streets in shame. I’m thinking something along the lines of being forced to wear ballerina outfits and bright red high-heel shoes. Of course, my mind isn’t set in stone on this point — somebody is more than welcome to offer a better idea.

I seem to recall that Jesus of Nazareth was also forced to walk the streets in shame, carrying a cross of some sort. Of course, maybe I just imagined that whole crucifixion thing.

Reading JLE reminded me of other Pontius Pilates such as Exodus board member Phil Burress, who declares that intolerance and harassment should be worn by Christians as a badge of honor.

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