Despite the overwhelming defeat of the recent shareholder introduced, AFA backed anti-gay family resolution (95-5% against), the AFA continues to send out alerts claiming that their boycott has virtually bankrupted Ford in the few short weeks of it’s existence.

After reading some of their latest stuff, I took a look at GM’s performance over the past year and compared it to Ford’s. They are the only two fully American owned auto manufacturers around today, and they are both having a tough time of it. This graph from clearly illustrates that both manufacturers track closely.


Of course, depending on gas guzzling SUV’s for sales during a time when gas prices have been steadily rising might have just a wee bit to do with this downward sales trend. But the AFA, still stinging from it’s largely ineffective 9 year boycott of Disney, is trying it’s best to turn Ford’s every effort at diversity into a full-bore campaign for gay marriage. Presumably this is because they know that fully equal gay marriage is a hot button issue at the moment, while most people are in favor of rights for gay people in general. So, their rhetoric for the past couple of months has been that whenever Ford advertises in a gay magazine, they are promoting gay marriage. Or if the Ford Foundation donates to the HRC, Ford is promoting gay marriage. You get the idea.

Rhetoric aside, why not drop by your local Ford dealership and commend them for their company’s stand? You can write Ford as well (just use the contact info from, but I think the local people need to hear it even more.  Of course if you are going to buy a Ford anyway, it can’t hurt to let them know then either!

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