From the Dallas Voice, April 13

No matter what causes a person to be gay, Living Hope Ministries, which is based in Arlington, has one thing to say about it. According to executive director Ricky Chelette, “Either God can change a person’s sexual orientation, or he isn’t God.”

Chelette collected about $2,000 in admission fees for a one-day conference where he taught 100 people that:

  • homosexuality is “demonic” work
  • gay is a “learned” behavior
  • gays suffer from emotional wounds that can be healed by pursuing God — Chelette’s way
  • “It’s a sin to be gay because it’s an illegitimate way to meet a legitimate need for affirmation, affection and attention”
  • “85 percent of lesbians have been abused sexually as a child”
  • if a lesbian hasn’t been sexually abused, it’s likely that she has an emotionally weak mother and gravitates toward the father. That’s what fires up this need to do masculine things like, “fix the truck”

The article profiles four testimonials — three exgays and one confused parent. None of them report much change in attractions. And none of them seem to have paused to think about their social responsibilities as Christians to discourage antigay prejudice and discrimination.

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