At someone else’s suggestion, I thought that after 3 1/2 years at the helm, I’d take a moment to say just a little about myself. Not enough for readers to stereotype me, I hope, but something more than a blank slate.

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Name: Mike

Age: Generation X (the older end of it)

Religion: Raised Roman Catholic. I was a fundamentalist in my teen years, then returned to the RCC before college. I studied Latin American human rights, culture, poverty, and liberation theology (with some degree of skepticism) during college, worked for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps after college, and later worked for Sojourners, a Christian magazine about faith, politics and culture. My closest religious affinity is now toward the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker Christians).

Profession: I have been a mainstream journalist and online content manager since 1993.

Are you exgay? I have never participated in an exgay program. I worked alongside exgay advocates in the creation and management of the Bridges Across the Divide bridge-building project from 1997 to 2001. Two exgay participants in that project, Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas, went on to become leaders of the culture war against same-sex-attracted persons and against bridge-building.

Community values: Over the years, in addition to my work for religious organizations, I have volunteered for an AIDS clinic (4 years); a rape-prevention and education program among school-age men (5 years); and the Independent Gay Forum (6 years).

Political bias: Independent. I strongly oppose the corruption, greed, lies, egotism, and ineffectiveness of both major U.S. political parties. I support the values of the libertarian movement — small government, individual freedom — while I also seek ways to preserve and promote constructive community values, environmental restoration, and a modest social safety net.

Where were you on September 11? I was in downtown Washington — fearing what new threats might lurk in the clear blue skies, witnessing the futility of evacuation by car or bus, feeling thankful for the subway, and mulling this catastrophic culmination of my lifelong fear and fascination with the Twin Towers.

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