As Ex-Gay Watch has frequently noted, since late 2004 Exodus has periodically praised antigay activists who are euphemistically labeled the “Philadelphia 11.” The Philadelphia group was the subject of a recent exgay ad campaign.

The group’s real name is Repent America, and it is led by one Michael Marcavage. Exodus and Focus on the Family portray the group as Christian martyrs for illegally disrupting a Philadelphia gay street festival, disobeying police orders, getting arrested, and finally getting hit with trumped-up hate-crime charges that were later dismissed. (The prosecution may have been overzealous because Repent America already had a long criminal record of disrupting public events and government meetings in southeast Pennsylvania.)

A Google search today turned up extensive cooperation between Exodus’ heroes and — lo and behold — the Constitution Party (Recent XGW coverage of the CP.)

Read on for some concrete examples:

  • In January 2004, Repent America founder Michael Marcavage joined a pro-life activist in launching a web site to recommend the Constitution Party as a moral alternative to the “anti-Christian” George W. Bush.
  • In February 2004, Marcavage explicitly endorsed the Constitution Party’s candidate for U.S. president on a Los Angeles radio station.
  • In October 2004, Marcavage “interviewed” Peroutka just before the election. After the election, Peroutka repaid the favor by promoting Repent America on the presidential campaign’s blog and recruiting Marcavage for a speaking engagement before Peroutka’s Institute on the Constitution.
  • Constitution Party national official Angela Wittman says Repent America’s tactics exemplify “what we are all called to do.” Wittman endorses Marcavage’s tactic of disrupting a town council meeting by preaching off-topic Bible sermons and refusing to relinquish the public microphone or discuss on-topic issues when requested by the council. (Two related stories: Marcavage goes to trial. Charges dismissed.)
  • Repent America has endorsed Larry Kilgore, the Constitution Party’s 2006 candidate for Texas governor.

As previously noted at XGW, both organizations strive for a future fundamentalist federal government with a federal death penalty against homosexuals.

Google indexes more than 100 other pages with links of varying quality to both Repent America and the Constitution Party, but you get the point.

Exodus sure has a strange taste in political allies and an odd way of “engaging the culture for Christ.”

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