Possibly realizing how un-hip attacking gay youth is, the “Day of Truth” is back this year with a “hip” new video that’s really just unintentionally hilarious and sort of bizarre. Much of the imagery appears to be metaphoric but is either confusing, contrived or downright comical.

Click on the animated image to see the whole movie.
day of truth movie.gif

Lessons we can learn from said video: (feel free to add your own via comments)

Watch out lesbians! Conservatively dressed strangers are coming to touch you.

Walking (and stumbling) along side freight trains makes you look edgy. For more of an urban edgy look spin a basketball on your fingers.

Young anti-gays like Tyler Chase Harper and unnamed scowly kid look exactly like the twinks you might on any given night at Tigerheat.

Once again the religious right pretends to have a monopoly on the “Christian perspective.”

Choosing to remain gay only leads to a life filled with unflattering fluorescent lighting and being labeled.

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