A North Carolina couple, Jim and Beverly Burrows, have outed their son.

The boy attended a school seminar entitled The New Gay Teenager and, per the Burrows, consequently began questioning his sexuality.

The North Carolina dad explains that his son’s subsequent struggle with homosexuality has turned his family upside down. “As far as our family is concerned, the damage has already been done,” he laments. “There’s no way that we can go back and undo what has been done.”

The Burrows seem to believe that their son would have no struggle relating to his sexual orientation, or indeed even consider that he might be gay, if not for the seminar. This is a bizarre idea and the first I’ve heard of any suggestion that a single seminar could change a person’s sexual orientation.

If this were believable, it would suggest that though ex-gay ministries are not successful in making someone heterosexual even after decades of intense personal interaction, a casual impersonal seminar can make someone gay. Odd.

Yet it seems to be what the Burrows are claiming:

Still, Mr. Burrows feels he needs to warn other parents of the homosexual indoctrination his son encountered at the Governor’s School. “[I]f I can keep one other family from having to go through this, then all this trouble has been worthwhile,” he says.

It would seem to me that either the Burrows are incredibly naïve, or they are seeking to find someone to blame for an unwanted situation and are opportunistically firing salvos in the culture war without care or regard to the damage they are undoubtedly doing to their own son.

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