From Fridae of Singapore, Jan. 17:

The government of Singapore has granted US$61,500 to an Exodus-affiliated exgay ministry.

The so-called Liberty League breaks with mainstream psychiatry, teaching Singapore teen-agers that in order to “understand” homosexuality, one must believe it is a gender identity disorder. This teaching is at odds with the scientific positions of U.S. professional counselors’ groups such as the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Counseling Association.

The “Liberty” League opposes liberty, as well.

In a Jan. 13 interview with Channel News Asia, Lung declined to support any rights for gay and lesbians, saying only that Liberty League would vaguely “champion human rights equally.” The League is listed as an outreach ministry of the U.S.-based exgay political network Exodus. Like Exodus, Liberty League uses the language of “freedom of choice” but withholds that freedom from individuals who choose not to subject themselves to costly and ineffective reparative therapy programs.

The Liberty League was founded by Leslie Lung, a gender-confused individual and former candidate for transsexual surgery who came to project his own gender confusion and self-shame (relabeled “sexual bondage”) upon all same-sex-attracted persons as a class. The organization’s web site says that “love liberates,” but its position that all same-sex-attracted persons are mentally ill sex-slaves cannot reasonably be considered loving — or truthful.

Lung was influenced to adopt an exgay ideology by American exgay activist Sinclair Rogers, founder of Exodus-affiliated Choices. Rogers treats “transsexualism” as a singular ideology and lifestyle rather than varied and highly individualized states of being.

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