The exgay political network Exodus capitalizes on the commercial success of Brokeback Mountain with a Jan. 16 press release seeking media interviews.

While the movie realistically conveys the anguish of same-sex-attracted cowboys in the U.S. heartland, Chambers complains that recent awards are “pushing the envelope” by honoring films that dare to be honest with the public.

Here are highlights from the Exodus press release:

  • Chambers inaccurately states regarding Brokeback Mountain and TransAmerica: “[B]oth movies explore the unhappiness, pain and promiscuity in gay life.” TransAmerica is not about gay life.
  • Chambers mistakenly implies that the films both convey the message that people are “born gay.”
  • Chambers claims that “hundreds of thousands” of people “have found a way out of homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” But despite numerous requests, Chambers has declined to publicly document the number of exgays. He and a handful of other religious-right activists with suspicious histories appear to be the only people claiming to be successful exgays.
  • Chambers misdefines “life and freedom” to mean lifelong celibacy, sexless marriage, and antigay discrimination.

Ex-Gay Watch welcomes readers to notify us of media that grant Chambers’ request for publicity.

A search of Google News finds the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America eagerly took Chambers’ message and further distorted it — dubiously alleging that:

  1. movies marketed mostly by word-of-mouth and news-media hype cost a fortune in marketing,
  2. movies should be honored on the basis of profit, not quality, and
  3. some of the season’s most profitable movies (measured in profits per screen) could not possibly be profitable because they feature homosexuals.

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