In what can only be described as a stunning display of pre-Enlightenment “thought,” Family News In Focus and the Institute on Religion and Democracy condemned attempts discuss or critically analyze the controversial TV show, The Book of Daniel.

“The clear absence of advertisers on this program is a real victory for the moral conscience of this country.”

[David] Caton commends secular advertisers for taking a stand. However, some within the Episcopal Church actually see the show as an opportunity for outreach. The Diocese of Washington D.C. set up a web-log to spark discussion about “The Book of Daniel.” Diocese spokesman, Jim Naughton, say the goal is evangelism.

“When people come to the Blog of Daniel, in addition to seeing the blog, they will see links to our evangelism materials.”

Others within the Episcopal Church aren’t happy about the show, or a Diocese drawing attention to it. Faith McDonnell, with the Institute on Religion and Democracy, says The Book of Daniel is not a tool for evangelism..

“This is not an example of how to bring people to faith in Christ, it’s an example of how to keep people questioning, make people more cynical, cynical of the church, and cynical of Christianity.” [*]

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