The culture war over homosexuality is not, primarily, a battle between liberals and conservatives.

It is often a war between those who refuse to discuss the issue, and those who call for the issue be addressed honestly in a community setting.

At the Christian Alliance for Progress web site, the antigay screed “The Gay Invention: Homosexuality Is a Linguistic as Well as a Moral Error,” by R.V. Young, was recently up for discussion. Young explicitly denies the existence of sexual orientation — and therefore the existence of same-sex-attracted persons, and therefore the constitutional rights of such persons. Young deems oneself to be among the few, the elect, the moral, and above discussing morality with those whom Young self-servingly deems immoral:

While men and women who are possessed by an urge to commit sodomy with others of the same sex should always be treated with justice and charity, they should not be allowed to determine the norms of moral discourse.

Young strips actions of their contexts — and strips people of their souls. A commenter observes:

Professor Young, and those like him, see absolutely no reason to discuss anything about the subject; they have already made up their minds, and with their interpretation of the Bible to back them up, deny that anyone who disagrees with them has a legal or theological or moral or ethical leg to stand on. You can’t have a discussion when one side denies that there’s anything to discuss.

Further, the more virulently zealous religious conservatives are not content to simply shut down any attempt at genuine discussion, they want to demonize those who call for such discussions, drop a theological nuke on the topic itself, and salt the earth of the so-called common ground, just to be sure.

This is, obviously, a moral failing not only of Young, but of the leadership of Exodus, Focus on the Family, and Stephen Bennett Ministries. They do not discuss, they do not arrive at consensus; they stereotype, they dictate, and they act with ears closed — moral consequences be damned.

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