Sent them a little email to make sure I was reading things correctly:

I’m sorry I might have misread your post but are you actually
displeased the people of Sweden are allowed freedom of speech?


Got this reply:

In my view, a progressive society, and for that matter, a progressive individual, would not count hate speech against an entire group as one of those forms of speech deserving of protection, and to the contrary, would have measures in place against it.


Scott Rose

Until now I used to think the religious right was insane when they claimed us homos were out to silence them. Now I have reason to sympathize with some of our most outspoken critics like Janet Folger. How sad.

True, gay people are considered a “protected class” in California and New York, places where QUEERTY editors live. But the axe swings the other way, might I remind readers that religion, and thus Evangelicals, are considered a protected class as well. Thus, carving out new (dangerous) exceptions to the First Amendment would most certainly affect many of the um… “choice” things occasionally said on this site and others.

Once again, if you feel QUEERTY is ultimately doing a disservice to it’s gay readership by advocating such a position feel free to dialogue with them.

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Update 12/2: I got a nice email from QUEERTY editor Bradford explaining things:

I actually agree with you 100% Scott is one of three writers at Queerty and his opinions are just that, his. I hold freedom of speech in the highest regards. Perhaps I will write a follow up next week . . .

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