How do you define “exgay”?

More to the point, what characteristics describe ALL exgays?

Multiple answers are permitted.

Definition: An exgay is someone who:
(pick one or more of the following)

  1. Supports legislation to reduce or withhold legal rights and privileges from gays
  2. Supports discrimination by businesses in hiring and customer service
  3. Supports discrimination against same-sex-attracted persons by public agencies
  4. Subscribes to a conservative Christian ideology
  5. Supports the exclusion of same-sex-attracted persons from the media
  6. Supports the exclusion of same-sex-attracted persons from childcare and teaching professions
  7. Supports the removal of adoptive or biological children from their gay parents
  8. Opposes most sexual activity
  9. Is ashamed to be same-gender-attracted
  10. Is ashamed to engage in same-gender genital activity
  11. Lives a double life/Is “closeted”
  12. Adopts the “exgay” or “former homosexual” identity or label. Persons who do not adopt the identity or label are not exgay.

Next question: Having defined “exgay,” now indicate which of the above choices describe someone who is antigay. Must someone be antigay in order to be exgay?

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