“Straight talking” Stephen Bennett explains precautions listeners should take when evangelizing to “the homosexual.” (11.23.05 Real Audio / Windows Media)

(+11:25) Stephen: I believe homosexual men need rock solid Bible believing Christian men to show them what real Christian male non sexual love is all about and Godly male Christian affirmation and encouragement through God’s word. Lesbians in turn need a Christian female to show them what real nonsexual Christian love is all about as well. However I always encourage these friendships with homosexuals if possible be with a husband and wife for precautionary measures. Many homosexuals can perceive this love, attention and affection that they’re receiving as sexual and sometimes will become emotionally codependent with their Christian friends. The opposite sex partner of the Christian married couple provides that safe important boundary. If the Christian is not married it might be best to bring another man along when befriending a homosexual male or another woman when befriending a lesbian individual.

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