Local hate group, Article 8, has some excellent photos of the protest at Love Won Out last weekend.

Family “News” in Focus (ok let’s face it, I could put quotes around each word individually since they clearly don’t know the meaning of “family,” the show certainly isn’t “news” and given the accuracy of their reports, I would hardly say it’s “in focus.”)

Now where was I… Oh yes, “Family” “News” “in Focus” also covered the event and also has excellent audio of what sounded like an impressive protest. Their coverage concludes with an interview with the mother of a gay son who attended seeking a way to “help” him. Nobody says where the son is but just listening to the mother speak you could feel how burdoned she was by her son’s sexuality. I had to listen to the clip again and my eyes started to well up. I am not making fun. Listen to the clip and feel the pain in every word coming from this mother.

Update: XGW readers and staffers started a discussion located on another thread about the protestors’ poor choice of chant, “shut it down.”

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