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Exodus President Alan Chambers likes to accuse his conscientious critics of being the agents of Satan, while presuming that he enjoys God’s special favor.

Former President and Baptist Jimmy Carter has said some words that happen to describe Chambers’ immoral and egotistical worldview, which also consumes other U.S. fundamentalist leaders and, to some degree, the current White House.

From CBS via Christian Alliance for Progress:

“Fundamentalism exists in religious circles and now very overwhelmingly in Washington,” he says. “A fundamentalist believes, say, in religious circles, that I am close to God. Everything that I believe is absolutely right. Anyone who disagrees with me, in any case, is inherently wrong and therefore, inferior. And it violates my basic principles if I negotiate with anyone else or listen to their point of view or modify my own positions at all. So that is what has permeated this administration.”

Carter describes a contempt for fellow humankind, a refusal to communicate, a self-segregation, a runaway quest for power, and a blindness to one’s own unrepentant corruption. Do those characteristics, combined, qualify as a form of hatred?

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